It is the policy of QPC that projects should be implemented to the highest level of quality in accordance with the contract requirements.

For this purpose a quality control plans are prepared for the specific projects. The plans supported by all necessary documents and instructions in order to implement and maintain the applicable quality system.

A quality control officer is nominated for each special project to control the quality control procedures and he is directly connected to the project management with full authorization to assure the implementation of the quality system in accordance with contracts obligation.

It is the policy of QPC to establish in house quality manual for projects construction and implementation as a further step towards the comprehensive company's quality manual.

The manual demonstrates the company policy towards the implementation of the quality system procedures to meet. Different aspects of project.

It is QPC's understanding that implementation of quality system plans are achieving the following: -

    1. Provides the company with a competitive edge.
    2. Forces the company staff to document the management practices in order to minimise management crisis.
    3. Encourages better communications between individual sections of the company.
    4. Improves overall efficiency.
    5. Through increased efficiency, reduced waste and considerable saving is expected.
    6. Provide a measure for the continued improvement progress.
    7. Problems become opportunities to improve and not hidden until they become too big to hid - this will minimize management crisis and desputes with our clients.
    8. Implementation of the quality system provides system dependability not individual dependability. In other words the system leads the individuals not the individuals leads the system and hence the company. To meet these shiney objectives QPC prepared the quality planning system in order to define and document how the requirements for quality will be met.



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